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Today was my son’s first birthday. My boyfriend is my kids father. He left to a friend’s house last night ¬†and didn’t show up until this afternoon after we had opened his presents and such. A girl sent me a message last night and sent me back messages that were sent to her from my account saying that my boyfriend and I weren’t together. This isn’t the first time I have dealt with girls telling me he’s trying to get with them. When he got home this afternoon all I said to him so far today was how mad at him I was for missing out on his son’s birthday and the other stuff. I haven’t spoken to him since. I don’t know what to do. I love him and he is the father of my children but all I want to do is be happy… He isn’t making me happy anymore, he’s just sucking the life out of me. :/

Hey! :) My boyfriend & I live over 800 miles apart, we've been dating for 3 years. We cover songs together over Skype for our youtube channel, but this time we actually produced a song together at his house. We're both really proud of it, & I was wondering if you would watch our video & tell us what you think OR reblog if you like it!? It's the first video we've done together so we want feedback. It won't let me send the link, but the video's all over my page. Thanks SO much if you watch it! :D kaytuhpai

Will do :)

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